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Hi I’m Riz and I’m a fully qualified automatic driving instructor. I specialise in conducting automatic driving lessons in Preston and come under Preston Driving School Ltd, they operate with a professional team of both manual and automatic driving instructors in Preston and the surrounding areas. In my career I’ve helped hundreds of people to drive and many of them have gone on to pass their tests first time. As a local automatic instructor in Preston I really enjoy my job especially when pupils comment about how friendly I am and how relaxed they feel while learning to drive with me.

If you considering taking automatic driving lessons in Preston and looking for a good automatic driving instructor then why not give me a call and let me help you learn to drive in a much easier way.

To book an automatic driving lesson in Preston
Call or Text me on 07564 493 838


My tuition car is a dual-controlled Renault Clio

My training car is the latest model Renault Clio which is a fantastic car to drive, its fitted with air conditioning, satellite navigation and also dual controls for your safety.
My pupils enjoy driving this model of car so much that many of them have gone out and bought one immediately after passing their driving test.

Why automatic?

Learning in an automatic car is ideal for pupils who wish to learn in a much easier way, for example, you don't have to worry about the gears or clutch control. It might be the perfect choice for people who are quite nervous about learning to drive, or for pupils who have tried driving a manual but found things much too difficult. In these  circumstances learning in an automatic car can be such a lot easier, as an example you won’t ever stall in an automatic and this in itself will give you much more confidence and time to concentrate on all the other skills required in driving.

Automatic Driving Tests

Your Theory Test
The theory test is in two sections. The first test is a multiple choice test and the second part is called the hazard perception test. You will be shown 50 questions where you need to get a minimum of 43 answers correct.

The Hazard Perception Test
The second part is the hazard perception test. You will be shown 14 video clips of which there will be 15 hazards that you would need to identify.

Don't worry as l can explain more about your theory test while you are having automatic lessons with me.


Your Driving Test

Your driving test will last about 40 - 45 minutes. Throughout your driving test you will need to show your examiner that you can drive in a safe way as if you were driving on your own.

Your examiner will give you very clear route directions and instructions around the route. The test route will cover a variety of junctions and hazards which you will be expected to deal with safely. You will also be asked to perform one of the set control manoeuvres, this could be to pull up on the right hand side of the road then reverse back a couple of car lengths, a reverse around a stationary car, a reverse into a parking bay or to drive forward into a parking bay and then reverse back out of it. You could also be asked to perform an emergency stop although these are not necessarily tested on every test. At a certain time during the test your examiner will ask you to pull up at a safe location and then explain to you that you will now need to show how you can drive independently for about 20 minutes, this could be by following a series of directions or direct from a sat nav.

 Just a few Testimonials from happy pupils

Taz from Preston
After several other automatic instructors in Preston I was recommended to call Riz. He absolutely put my nerves at ease, always stayed calm and gave his 100% attention to me. I was supported through my journey and re-assured on my progress. Not only is he a fantastic instructor, he makes the lesson enjoyable. If your thinking about taking lessons with him, I can personally guarantee you will succeed! This isn't a review for the sake of reviews, this is a genuine attempt to explain my gratitude. Thanks again Riz for assisting me in opening doors of opportunities for me. Your the man 

Sophie from Preston
Would like to thank Preston Automatic Driving School but I would especially like to thank my instructor Riz ! He was an absolutely amazing automatic instructor so easy going & made you feel so calm and confident in my lessons all the time. I am going to miss my lessons and the chats we would have. If anyone wants to take automatic lessons in Preston I would always recommend Riz.. Thank you again 

Amy from Leyland
Had a great time learning with Riz. He helped me feel comfortable on my test day, and got me through it. Great company, have already recommended it to a friend, as you guys really take the time, to help drivers through.

Johnathan from Preston easily passed

1st time pass for lovely Nicole

A very happy Amy passes FIRST TIME with Riz

My Prices

Most automatic driving schools in Preston will most likely charge a very similar price to mine although you should bear in mind that the standards of driving instructors can vary quite a lot from one school to another.

Standard Hourly Rate: £25 per hour

Block-Booking of 10 hours: £240 (equivalent to £24 per hour)


Contact Me
To book automatic driving lessons in Preston
Call or Text me on 07564 493 838



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